How good is my bug-out pack?

I went out for a night this past weekend, in part to test my "bug-out" survival pack and mini survival kit. The pack weighs about 15 pounds and contains a tarp and wool blanket, among other things. In the pack is a small plastic box with bare essential survival skills. It is designed for use when even the light survival pack is too much gear. This outing was to be the first of many tests of the box and pack.

15 lbs of critical supplies
Its contents
Supplies in the bug-out pack, roughly from left to right, top to bottom:
  • contractor garbage bag, for keeping things dry
  • water purifier
  • several gallon size ziploc bags
  • REI adventure first aid kit, designed for several days with several people
  • bug-out box, containing the most crucial supplies for lighter travel
  • bandana
  • headlamp, extra batteries
  • stainless steel cookset
  • two bundles of 550 lb test paracord
  • small tackle box with hooks, lures, mini leatherman, and sinkers
  • spool of 14 lb test fishing line
  • 8' x 10' tarp with paracord attached to rivets
  • military issue wool blanket
  • large fixed blade, full tang knife
the mini survival kit
 Supplies in the bug-out box:
  • bandana
  • lighter
  • magnesium strip and striker
  • wax-impregnated cotton tinder bundles
  • steri-strip bandages
  • sewing kit
  • box of wire snares
  • two bundles of 50 lb test nylon string
  • fish hooks with leads
  • folding knife
There are several important items missing from both the pack and the box. I could obviously carry more gear, like a tent and sleeping bag, with a bigger pack. But the point of this pack is to be able to move quickly. Similarly, the box could contain more things if it was bigger. But it is designed to be carried in one's pocket if necessary, or glove compartment, or attached to a belt loop.

The contents of each are based partly upon what I had available at home recently - more supplies need to be ordered. See anything missing from either the pack or the box? Leave suggestions in the comments.

More on the first test of the bug-out pack in the next post.

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  1. I've since added a little bottle of water purification tablets to the bug-out box.